H-elping E-stablish r-oots


Helping Establish Roots is a great option for anyone who is unable to qualify for traditional lending and wants to buy a home in the near future. We have partnered with an entity that will purchase any qualifying home for sale in the Phoenix Metro Area. 

Basic Qualifications:

  • $50,000 household minimum 
  • 550 Transunion FICO score
  • Moving within 90-180 days
  • $99 application fee (covers everyone on the lease)

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Does your property qualify?

We collaborate with Owners and Investors who seek high-quality applicants looking for lease option opportunities. We will position a tenant buyer into your property with a non-refundable option fee. During the lease period, the tenant buyer will receive complimentary credit counseling and home ownership courses. Doing so increases the chances of qualifying to exercise their option to purchase your property at the end of the lease term. 

Maximize profits and secure a buyer for your property! 


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Ways to save money

Ways to save money


Looking for more information about lease options and how they work? Read this brief article on lease options and why it may be a good fit for you. 

Ways to save money

Ways to save money

Ways to save money


Thinking of leasing with an option but need a down payment? Here are some unique ways on how to save money on everyday spending. 

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